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Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix


AbstractA Design Studio, a design studio specializing in web design and development, was approached by Gabrielle Maury, who operates Refined Resumes LLC, a professional resume writing business. Gabrielle informed us that she wanted to rebrand her business and redesign her website, and she needed e-commerce functionality to help her sell her newly published book “The Entrepreneur’s Resume”.

THE solution

We worked with Gabrielle to create a website that featured black and white design elements, a bold typography, and a signature touch for a more personal creative touch. We used WordPress as the platform for the site and Woocommerce as the e-commerce extension.

Impact & Results

The result?An increase in customer acquisition; now 200-300 people view Gabrielle’s website each month. The site also has full e-commerce functionality, meaning that customers can purchase both digital downloads and hard copy versions of her book.

Tools & Software used

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